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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024


Guest: Sophia Drenth

We are proud to announce our next guest, Sophia Drenth: Somehow, Sophia’s narratives always veer toward the eerie. With a penchant for gothic horror, it’s hardly a shock that vampires dominate her storytelling. Over the years, she has both self-published and traditionally published her work. Her literary accomplishments are marked by numerous awards, including the […]

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Guest: Adam Gerencsér

We are proud to announce our next guest, Adam Gerencsér: Adam is co-editor of Sci Phi Journal, laureate of a European SF Society Award at the 2022 EuroCon, and publishes essays and columns on the history of science fiction and the evolution of ideas in English and his native Hungarian, as well as occasional short

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Guest: Tom Kruijsen

We are proud to announce our next guest, Tom Kruijsen: Tom Kruijsen writes all kinds of subgenres of fantasy and science fiction. His short stories have appeared in the collections Voorbij de storm and Werelden ontwaken. He is passionate about making the Dutch-language fantasy genre more professional and has published short stories of other authors

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Guest: Dr. Neil Cohn

We are proud to announce our next guest, Dr. Neil Cohn: Dr. Neil Cohn is a cognitive scientist best known for his pioneering research on the cognition of comics and language. He began working in the American comic industry when he was 14, but was inspired to study the cognition of comics after taking classes

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Guest: Lauren DeDroog

We are proud to announce our next guest, Lauren DeDroog: Growing up in the countryside of Belgium, Lauren always dreamed of writing books and devouring fantasy and romantasy stories, as well as mythology. If you had a weird mummy or Greek mythology obsessed kid in your class, chances are you sat next to her. If

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Guest: Sandy Butchers

We are proud to announce our next guest, Sandy Butchers: Sandy Butchers is an award-winning author and illustrator best known for her work on The Singularian Grimoire Anthologies. It was the first project in which she combined her skills as an artist with her insatiable urge to tell compelling stories. Throughout her career, Sandy has

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Guest: George van Hal

We are proud to introduce our next guest, George van Hal: George van Hal, science reporter covering astrophysics, physics, and space for Dutch national newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’ will come to Erasmuscon! George has published 7 popular science books about everything from theoretical physics to the weirdest constituents of the cosmos. Two of those (Van lightsaber

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