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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Free walks

Our guests can take a different free walk (or more) every day of the convention. There are walks that are self-guided and there are also free guided walking tours.

Not only are there many free walking tours, but you might also want to get on a waterbus and go to the Kinderdijk (UNESCO heritage site). Waterbus 21 Blu Amigo from Rotterdam Erasmus. Change over at Ridderkerk-de Schans to Kinderdijk.

Free guided tours

Free Walking tour Rotterdam – tip based – 2 hours

Meeting point: Front of the Markthal facing the Cube houses. Booking fee €1,89 to secure your spot.

1) Classic Tour – Every day 13.30 and on Saturday and Sunday also at 10.30. It will give information about the legacy of Erasmus, the WW2 Bombardment, Futuristic Architecture, and the Port of Europe.

2) Rivers & Architecture Tour – Every day at 16.00 and on Saturday at 10.30. The end point of this tour is Hotel New York (near water taxi). On this tour you will walk along the great bridges of Rotterdam (the Willemsbrug) with a splendid view of the Erasmus bridge, learn about the architecture and about how Rotterdam has become a multicultural/commercial hub. Tip: Return to the other side of the river by water taxi.

Self-guided tours

Walk the – has an app you can download on your smartphone. The app provides pictures and clear instructions. Four of its many walks might be interesting to our guests in particular:

1) Dynamic Rotterdam – about 5 km. There are some steps and/or steep inclines.

It can best be started at the WTC, the Maritime Museum, the Markthal or Hofplein-Hilton.

It shows the fire line – it is mostly inside the fire line, reconstruction buildings
including Cube houses, Rotterdam skyline.

On Tuesday to Saturday, you can check out the inside of the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk church, the only remaining late gothic building.

2) Cultural Rotterdam – 5,3 km. No warnings are given about steps.

This is a city walk that goes by museums, galleries, public artworks, and many restaurants- from Take Away to Michelin. This walk is outside the fire line so you can view more of historical Rotterdam.

It can best be started at the Willemsplein under the Erasmus bridge or the Euromast or the Arthal and takes you to 7 museums.

3) Skyline Rotterdam – 6,7 km. Not suitable for people who are not very mobile. There are some stairs and steep inclines.

This walk will pass the most beautiful skyscrapers. From the trendy Wilhelmina Quai you will cross the Erasmus bridge and go to the first European skyscraper: The White House. Crossing the city, you will see some beautiful architecture.

On this walk you should be prepared to take public transport.

The best starting points are Wilhelmina Quai (Wilhelminaplein), Market Hall, or in front of Central Station.

4) Quays and t he Cape – 4,8 km. No warnings are given about steps.

The once notorious red-light district of Katendrecht and the harbor area make this a unique walk.

It can best be started on the Wilhelmina Quai (Wilhelminaplein) underneath the Erasmus bridge, in front of Hotel New York or at the passenger bridge of the SSRotterdam. (both known from the Holland Amerika Line).

You will find several statues with their own history.

It is also definitely worth it to visit the SSRotterdam and afterwards take a
Water taxi.

Rotterdam – also has an app you can download on your smartphone. There are several different themed walks

with their own storyteller. The shortest walk is 2 km, most are around 5 km and there is even a 28 km walk. We would like to highlight the following walks:

1) History matters – 13 km

This gives stories from the colonial past and goes from historical spots from the 17th and 18th century to more modern buildings from the 19th and 20th century. You will not get information about famous sea captains but about the traces of the colonial and slavery history.

2) Erasmus tour – 12 km

Erasmus was a priest, philosopher, author, and humanist. Through his books
he became famous, and this tour shows the spots that highlight Erasmus and his thoughts.

3) Street Art tour “Make it happen” – 7 km

4) Street Art tour 2 – 7 km

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