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We would like to congratulate all the nominees.
Below are the nominations lists.

Hall of Fame Best Artist Nominees:
Veselin Chakarov from Bulgaria;
Korina Hunjak from Croatia;
Elena Vieillard from France;
benSwerk (S. Beneš) from Germany;
Claudio Castellini from Italy;
Nora ‘Nono’ Back from Luxembourg;
Iris Compiet from Netherlands;
Zbigniew Bielak from Poland;
Libertad Delgado from Spain;
Vadym Antonyuk (Вадим Антонюк) from Ukraine;

Hall of Fame Best Author Nominees:
Marc Elsberg from Austria;
Guido Eekhaut from Belgium;
Vesela Flamburari from Bulgaria;
Igor Rendić from Croatia;
Pierre Bordage from France;
Christian Montillon from Germany;
Lanfranco Fabriani from Italy;
Maxime Weber from Luxembourg;
Adnadin Jasarevic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, nominated by Montenegro;
Jorrit de Klerk from Netherlands;
Marina Tena from Spain;
Adrian Tchaikovsky from United Kingdom;

Hall of Fame Best Publisher Nominees:
Ohneohren from Austria;
Ciela from Bulgaria;
Nakladatelství Epocha from Czechia;
Les Moutons électriques from France;
Memoranda (Hardy Kettlitz) from Germany;
Swan River Press from Ireland;
Zona 42 from Italy;
Local Public Broadcaster Radio Bijelo Polkje from Montenegro;
Wydawnictwo IX from Poland;
Obscura Editorial from Spain;
Vivat Publishing from Ukraine;

Hall of Fame Best Promoter Nominees:
Stefan Cernohuby from Austria;
Out of this World from Belgium;
The Citadelata Team from Bulgaria;
Bookworm Dreams from Croatia;
Viktoriya Lajoye & Patrice Lajoye from France;
Udo Klotz from Germany;
Brian Nisbet from Ireland;
Barbra Bucci from Italy;
Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg from Luxembourg;
Dragic Rabrenovic from Montenegro;
Heidi van der Vloet & Martijn Lindeboom from Netherlands;
Śląski Klub Fantastyki (Silesian SFF Club, ŚKF) from Poland;
Cristina Macia from Spain;
Fantastic talk(s) from Ukraine;

Hall of Fame Best Magazine Nominees:
In Tenebris from Belgium;
Dracus from Bulgaria;
Morina Kutija from Croatia;
Gandahar from France;
Phantastisch! (Klaus Bollhöfener) from Germany;
Fantasy Magazine from Italy;
Droids & Druids Magazine from Spain;
Hall of Fame Best Translator Nominees:
Yavor Tsanev from Bulgaria;
Srebrenka Peregrin from Croatia;
Michel Pagel from France;
Hannes Riffel from Germany;
Karen Gerwig from Germany, nominated by Ireland;
Silvia Castoldi from Italy;
Manuel de los Reyes García Campos from Spain;
Anna Gustafsson Chen from Sweden;
Bohdan Stasiuk (Богдан Стасюк) from Ukraine;

Achievement Award Best Work of Art Nominees:
The cover of “Von Andromeda bis Uptopia” by Reinhard Habeck from Austria;
Cover art of Victoria Hancox’s “The Phantom Self”, by Phillip Tzonkin from Bulgaria;
Slavic Supernatural by Antonio Filipović from Croatia;
“Colonies” book cover, by Alain Brion from France;
Cover Illustration of “Die magische Bibliothek” by Timo Kümmel from Germany;
Jog Brogzin’s map for Octocon 2023 from Ireland;
Trinacria Station by Franco Brambilla from Italy;
EuroCon 2022 Poster from Luxembourg;
“Winter Dragon” by Sandy Butchers from Netherlands;
Cover of Bons Averanys, by Marina Vidal from Spain;
Taras Kopanskyi, illustrations to Joe Abercrombie’s books for Nebo Booklab Publishing from Ukraine;
“Realms of Imagination” by Sveta Dorosheva, artwork made for the British Library’s “Fantasy: Realms of Imagination” exhibition from Ukraine, nominated by UK;

Achievement Award Best Written Work of Fiction Nominees:
“Findungstag” by Caroline Hofstätter from Austria;
“Het hart van de zomer” (The heart of the summer) by Petra Doom from Belgium;
“Hunt” by Emil Minchev from Bulgaria;
“Dark Woods, Deep Water” by Jelena Dunato from Croatia;
“SOLAR PUNK” ed. by Helle Perrier from Denmark;
“Rossignol” by Audrey Pleynet from France;
“Perry Rhodan: Atlantis” by Ben Calvin Hary et al. from Germany;
“Cosmopedia” by Alessandro Vietti from Italy;
Das Gangrän by Maxime Weber from Luxembourg;
Anthology of Contemporary Balkan Fiction edited by Dragić Rabrenović from Montenegro;
“Vergruisde stemmen” by Anthonie Holslag from Netherlands;
“Intermnemosis” by Celia Corral-Vázquez from Spain;
Макс Кідрук «Нові Темні Віки. Колонія», “The Colony. A New Dark Ages” by Max Kidruk from Ukraine;
“House of Open Wounds” by Adrian Tchaikovsky from United Kingdom;
“Hopeland” by Ian McDonald from United Kingdom, nominated by Ireland;

Achievement Award Best Dramatic Presentation Nominees:
“Rubikon” from Austria;
“The Sorcery School: A Fantasy Musical” from Bulgaria;
“Bod obnovy” (Restore Point) from Czechia;
“Mars Express” from France;
“Der Schwarm” by Doelger, Welbers, Goez, Growth from Germany;
“Siccità” by Paolo Virzì from Italy;
“Kommunioun / Wolfkin” from Luxembourg;
“Star One – Revel in time” by Arjen Lucassen from Netherlands;
“Blasphemous 2” by The Game Kitchen from Spain;
“Good Omens Season 2” from United Kingdom;

Achievement Award Best Fanzine Nominees:
Faun 1 from Austria;
I Kratko zine 7th issue “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) from Bulgaria;
Svemirski Brod 15 from Croatia;
A&A 164 from France;
Un’ambigua utopia 13 from Italy;
Aner Welten Solarpunk Special from Luxembourg;
Alice Jouanno HSF no. 2023-4 from Netherlands;
Magazyn Biały Kruk 24 from Poland;
Vampire of Late Capitalism 1 by Carlos Gómez Gurpegui from Spain;
SF Forum 1/2023 from Sweden;
Das ist fantastisch! № 6 (2023) from Ukraine;

Achievement Award Best Work for Children Nominees:
“Superglitzer” by Melanie Laibl from Austria;
“Monsters en mislukte superhelden” (2022) by Bart de Wolf from Belgium;
“How to bring the bees back?” by Maya Bocheva – Wiki from Bulgaria;
“MÉTO – Zones noires” by Yves Grevet from France;
“Der kleine Perry: Das Geheimnis des Wanderplaneten” by Olaf Brill and Michael Vogt from Germany;
“Three Tasks for Dragon” by Eoin Colfer, illustrated by PJ Lynch from Ireland;
“Il miglio di cenere” by Dario Orilio from Italy;
“Sasha and Flint – A magical melody” by Sandra Martins from Luxembourg;
“De elementen van Akiran” by Ninja Paap-Luijtenfrom Netherlands;
“Leyendas del recreo 4: conspiración en las sombra” by Albert Monteys and El Hematocrítico from Spain;

Achievement Award Best Internet Publication Nominees:
Citadelata from Bulgaria;
Mora FM from Croatia;
Phantastik-News by Guido Latz from Germany;
Delos SF from Italy;
Aner Welten from Luxembourg; from Montenegro;
El caballero del árbol sonriente from Spain;
Arkush (Аркуш). The self-publishing service and a contest platform from Ukraine;
Landing Zone Glasgow – The Glasgow 2024 Worldcon Blog from United Kingdom, nominated by Ireland;

Achievement Award Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel Nominees:
“Deep 6”, part 1 and 2 by Waldo van Gheluwe from Belgium
Katana: The Battle For Valokaan, by Miroslav Petrov (writer) and Veselin Chakarov (artist) from Bulgaria;
Octobriana”by Marek Berger and Ondřej Kavalír from Czechia;
Transfer (Sillage 22) by Morvan & Buchet from France;
“Ecoluzione” by César Santivañez and Hugo Espinoza from Italy;
“La Mauvaise heure De Marc Angel” by Jean-Louis Schlesser from Luxembourg;
“Nedovršeni svijet” (Unfinished World) by Adnadin Jašarević from Bosnia-Herzegovina;
“Delfts Grauw” by Mascha Schoonakker and Bibi van Leeuwen from Netherlands;
Asalto al Castillo by Laurielle from Spain;

Achievement Award Best Event, Festival or Convention organised by Fans Nominees:
Through Nine Lands 2023 – Limits Unknown from Bulgaria;
SFeraKon 2023 from Croatia;
PentacontaCon – 50e Convention nationale française de science-fiction from France;
BuchmesseCon 2023 (Kurt Zelt – head of convention committee) from Germany;
Stranimondi 2023 from Italy;
LuxCon, the 2022 EuroConfrom Luxembourg;
HFSCon by convention comitee: André de Boer, Alice Jouanno, Tanja van Oven, Jan Scholte and Paul van Oven from Netherlands;
KONgres 2023 from Poland;
HispaCón23 Salduie from Spain;
Åcon 2023 from Finland, nominated by Sweden;
Enniskillen Comic Fest from United Kingdom, nominated by Ireland;

The Chrysalis Award Nominees:
Ralph Alexander Neumüller from Austria;
Finn Audenaert from Belgium;
Elitsa Hristova from Bulgaria;
Ivana Geček from Croatia;
Zuzana Johanovská from Czechia;
Marguerite Imbert from France;
Marie Erikson from Germany;
Courtney Smyth from Ireland;
Lucio Besana from Italy;
Audrey Martin from Luxembourg;
Nacho Iribarnegaray from Spain;
Serhii Pyltiai (Сергій Пильтяй) from Ukraine.

Once again congratulations to all the nominees!

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