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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Chantal Visser

Chantal Visser is a Dutch manga artist who, with her digital drawings, wants to help you remember that you can experience fun, that you matter and that you can be who you (truly) are. This theme is reflected in her cheerful and colorful illustrations, which are available in her web shop EnChantalled as an art print, bags and other fun eye candy. She has three children’s books to her name; Heksje Wendela, Ella het Elfje. Kan Ella toveren? En Ella het Elfje. De gevaarkijker. Chantal likes to get lost in stories about magic, so she plays Hogwarts Legacy when she isn’t drawing. She gave manga drawing lessons at the Tropen Museum Amsterdam for the Cool Japan exhibition. Nowadays she gives manga drawing lessons on
YouTube: @enchantalled
Facebook: enchantalled
Instagram: @enchantalled

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