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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Code of Conduct

All members are responsible for reading and being aware of this code of conduct. It is up to the committee to decide what is considered unacceptable behavior as well as to take measures against members whose behavior goes against the CoC – which may include revoking the membership without repayment or contacting the proper authorities.

1.) Liability

A – Visitors enter the location where the event takes place and attend the event at their own risk, in the sense that the Erasmuscon organisation does not accept liability for any damages incurred in entering the location or attending the event, such as (but not exclusively) loss of hearing, loss of eyesight or other physical injuries.

B – The organisation does not in any way accept liability for damage to or loss of personal property. Visitors bring their personal belongings with them at their own risk.

C – The organisation does not in any way accept liability for personal accidents that may occur at or near the event location.

2.) Tickets and access

A – The organisation uses unique tickets with a single-use scan code. Each visitor must have a ticket that has been paid for.

B – A ticket is only valid on the day for which it is bought.

C – The organisation does not grant restitution on tickets that have been bought.

D – The organisation is not responsible for loss or theft of tickets, nor for tickets sold illegally by third parties.

E – Visitors under the age of 13 must be under supervision of an adult of 18 years or older at all times.

3.) Cancellations

A – The organisation reserves the right at any time to change the date of the event or to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. This does not give ticket holders the right of restitution of the ticket price or compensation for any damages incurred.

B – In case of a change in the date of the event the ticket holder is deemed to have paid for their ticket and to have access to the event at the new date under the same conditions as previously agreed upon.

C –By force majeure are meant explicitly those outside influences or circumstances that make it impossible for the event to take place, such as * A ban on public events, issued by the government * Terrorist attacks * Natural disasters or extreme weather conditions * Epidemics.

4.) Behaviour

A – Visitors are free to dress and behave in any way they wish, as long as they show respect towards other visitors, members of the committee and staff of the event location.

B – Objects and expressions (including costumes) with political content (both extreme-left and extreme-right) or having a discriminatory character are not allowed.

C – The organisation does not under any circumstances tolerate any form of harassment, (verbal) violence or sexual intimidation. Visitors who display behaviour of this kind will be removed from the location at once and further access will be denied them. In case of possible offences punishable by law, we will notify the police. Should you notice such behaviour or fall victim of same, please contact a member of the Erasmuscon committee at once.

5.) Programme

A – The programme rooms have a maximum capacity as determined by the fire department. As soon as the room is filled to this capacity, no more visitors will be allowed to enter.

B – Mobile phones are set to ‘silent mode’, ‘airplane mode’ or are switched off inside the programme rooms.

C – Any guests who have been announced by name will be present subject to reservation.

D – The organisation endeavours to have the programme run as much as possible according to the published schedule. It is however possible that the programme is changed on the day itself due to unforeseen circumstances. No rights can be claimed at any time on the basis of the programme as published.

6.) Audio-visual recordings

A – The organisation reserves the right to take pictures, or make audio and/or video recordings, or have them made, on commission or otherwise.

B – It is allowed to take photos anywhere during the event, unless stated otherwise by the management of the event location or by the Erasmuscon organisation. Any visitor may therefore (with or without prior permission) be in a photo that can be meant for personal use or used for Erasmuscon publicity.

A person who appears thus in a photo cannot claim rights to any form of compensation. We will however do our utmost to ask any person depicted for their permission prior to publication.

C – Visitors are not allowed to make video recordings in the programme rooms. No-flash photography is allowed.

D – Visitors are allowed to bring amateur recording equipment for their own use in other areas than the programme rooms.

E – Any audio or video recordings made at the event may only be used for non-commercial purposes. Any use of materials for commercial purposes is subject to prior discussion and written consent.

F – Audio and video recordings made on commission may be used by the organisation in publications for the purpose of promoting the event without such use entitling the maker to any form of compensation, unless otherwise agreed in writing before the event.

7.) Rules concerning sale or possession of goods at the convention

A – The sale of products in or near the grounds of the event location without consent from the management of the event location or from the Erasmuscon organisation is not allowed. This also includes the sale by private individuals of foodstuffs and drinks.

B – Dealers and exhibitors are not allowed to sell food and drinks in the dealers’ room.

C – Visitors are not allowed to bring their own chairs, benches and/or tables to the event.

D – Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food or drinks to the event.

E – Bringing, selling or drinking liquor is not allowed.

F – Bringing, selling or using (soft) drugs is not allowed.

G – The organisation is not responsible for any products sold by dealers and exhibitors.

H – The organisation does not accept liability for defects in any products bought from a dealer or exhibitor by a visitor. Only the selling party in question may be held to have any liability.

8.) Cosplay and props

A – Visitors to the event are not allowed to carry weapons or props that look like weapons, unless these are easily recognisable as fakes. Fake fire arms must be clearly recognisable as fakes by both their shape and their colour. Real bows, crossbows and unstringed bows fall under the heading of ‘weapons’ and are therefore not allowed.

B – Props that are allowed must not be longer/wider than 1 meter and their owners must be able to carry these in such a way as to cause no inconvenience to other visitors. If a prop is longer/wider than 1 meter the person responsible for props inspection will decide then and there whether the prop in question is allowed at the convention.

C – Sharp edges and points must be covered, otherwise the prop cannot be carried or worn at the convention. Props made of steel or solid wood are also banned. This category includes practice swords, ornamental swords, solid wooden swords, shields and knives/swords/hooks that are attached to the wearer’s arm.

D – Visitors are not allowed to use a prop at the convention in such a way that it may endanger other people (for instance, by swinging it).

E – Keep your props with you at all times. Unattended props will be stored in a room designated for the purpose until collected by the owners. A prop will only be handed over if the owner can prove that he or she is its rightful owner. In case there are costs incurred in storing items, these will be payable by the items’ owners and the items will only be returned to the owners after the full costs are paid.

F – Airsoft weapons will be barred at all times. Carrying an Airsoft weapon outside events organised by official Airsoft clubs is against the law.

G – In case of doubt whether or not a prop is allowed into the convention, the decision will be made by a member of security or by a member of the Erasmuscon committee. This decision is always binding.

9.) Other conditions

A – These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes between the organisation and visitors, dealers or exhibitors will be subjected to judgement by an authorised judge.

B – In any cases not provided for by these terms and conditions, or if they are considered equivocal, it is up to the Erasmuscon organisation to decide.

(version 2019)

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