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Dimitri Olivier Balcaen

Dimitri Olivier Balcaen (Bruges, February 24, 1989) is a Belgian novelist and screenwriter. He is also the founder of the ReadMore publishing house. In 2018, Dimitri debuted his two-part children’s series ‘Sisters of the Atom’. On the advice of well-known children’s author Dirk Bracke, he decided to launch a third novel that same year, based on an older manuscript. ‘Peter & Pan’ combined the well-known childhood story of Peter Pan with Greek mythology. Encouraged by this, he worked behind the scenes on several manuscripts and screenplays, including the two feature films ‘Comet’ and ‘Transport XX’.

In 2020, the first volume in a seven-part series called ‘Grimoire’ was published. These stories are specifically aimed at young people struggling with psychosocial issues such as autism, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and depression. The popularity of ‘Peter & Pan’ also allowed Dimitri to launch his own publishing company in 2021 with a crowdfunding campaign. The launch of this publishing house was accompanied by new releases such as the second volume in the ‘Grimoire’ series and a reworking of his very first manuscript ‘Apotheosis’. He released ‘Peter & Hook,’ the final volume in the ‘Peter & Pan’ series, at FACTS in late 2022. In conjunction with the Belgian Writers’ Collective, the collection of stories, ‘The Crossroads of Lost Souls’ was launched at the same convention, for which Dimitri wrote the opening story, ‘Run for Your Life’, and provided the layout.
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