Hotel booking information

If you’re coming to Erasmuscon and are looking for a hotel during the convention, you can follow the below link for the booking arrangements. We have set up a special deal with five different hotels, each of which offers discounted rates if you book through the Erasmuscon link.

Please note this is on a first come, first serve basis.

Of course, you are also free to book your own hotel outside of the Erasmuscon arrangement. 

  • Postillion (convention location):

Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam – New booking (

  • NH Atlanta Hotel:



Hotel booking information will follow in August

With 13 months to go until Erasmuscon we are currently preparing the booking deal for hotels in Rotterdam. We know you are all eager to hear more about this!

Apart from the Postillion Hotel, which is a part of the WTC Convention Centre, there will be five other hotels included in the booking deal. Since a few hotels will only have price details available one year prior to the event, we will be able to share booking information with you in the second half of August. You can expect an update on our website and social media, so keep an eye out for the details!

Guest of honor: Andrzej Sapkowski

We would like to introduce our second guest of honor to you.

Andrzej Sapkowski, also known as the “Wizard of the Witcher”, is a Polish author who has captured the hearts and minds of fantasy enthusiasts worldwide. With his intricate world-building, morally ambiguous characters, and a healthy dose of dry humor, Sapkowski has carved out a unique place in the genre.

But don’t let his serious storytelling fool you – Sapkowski is also known for his tongue-in-cheek wit and willingness to poke fun at the tropes of the genre. He’s even been known to make appearances at conventions with swords in his hands.

Whether you’re a fan of his books or the popular video game/streaming adaptations, there’s no denying that Sapkowski is a master of the fantasy genre. So come join us at Eurocon and let’s raise a glass to the man who brought us the unforgettable world of the Witcher. Just try not to get too close to any portals.

Venue announcement

We are pleased to announce that Erasmuscon 2024 will be held in the WTC Rotterdam.

This beautiful venue is close to the city centre, which is great for accessibility to public transport, restaurants, and other entertainment outside of the con. There are many different rooms available, which means there can be multiple programme tracks! The convention centre has its own partner hotel, linked by internal passageways, and is close to countless other hotels.

More information about hotel booking will follow as soon as possible

The team is ready!

The past month we actively called for volunteers to help us prepare, plan, and promote Eurocon 2024: Erasmuscon in Rotterdam. We were pleasantly surprised when no less than 30 people showed up yesterday 7 May at our first public meeting in Nieuwegein. That just goes to show how passionate this community is!

Thanks to the large amount of highly skilled volunteers, we have managed to set up a number of different teams, each with their own task – such as programme management, PR, finance, etc – and we are ready to start making some big steps.

Keep an eye on this website for more announcements, which will follow soon!

If you were not at the meeting on 7 May, but you do have ideas or general feedback, please let us know at

Progress report 1

November 2022


Welcome to this Progress Report for Erasmuscon 2024, the first ever Eurocon to be held in the Netherlands. The first, really? Yes, really. We’ve had a Worldcon in 1990, but nothing on that scale before or since. So it’s about time we had a proper international convention in this country again. The first hurdle has been negotiated, we won the bid to host the 2024 Eurocon.

The second hurdle was finding a convenient weekend, which we did. Erasmuscon will be held on 16 – 19 August 2024 in Rotterdam. That is the week after the Glasgow Worldcon.

We have a date, we have a great location, the team is shaping up nicely and we’re making a start on the programme. Keep an eye out for further Progress Reports, as we’ll send updates as soon as we have more news.

All news can also be found on our website


Erasmuscon will be held at Ahoy Convention Centre in Rotterdam. Rotterdam itself is easily reached by national or international train, by air (Schiphol Airport is less than an hour away by train) or by ferry from the UK for those who come over from Glasgow Worldcon. The convention centre is situated right next to metro station Rotterdam Zuid. Local public transport is also excellent.

For those travelling by car, there is a large paid car park available.

Ahoy is one of the larger convention centres in the country. It boasts a concert hall and function rooms of all shapes and sizes. We may not need the concert hall, but a selection of the function rooms will come in handy.


Rotterdam offers plenty of places to stay in any price range imaginable, from basic hostels to luxury hotels. At the time of this Progress Report, a brand new hotel is being built just opposite Ahoy. It will open in late 2023, so in good time for Eurocon.

Guests of Honour

Our first two guests of honour are Bo Balder and Jasper Fforde.

Bo Balder is the first Dutch author to be published in F&SF, Clarkesworld, Analog and other places. Her SF novel “The Wan” was published by Pink Narcissus Press. When not writing, she enjoys knitting, reading and gardening, preferably all three at the same time.

Jasper Fforde is known for writing an eclectic mix of genres, which might be described as a joyful blend of Comedy-SF-thriller-Crime-Satire. He freely admits that he is fascinated not just by books themselves, but by the way we read and what we read, and his reinvigoration of tired genres have won him many enthusiastic supporters across the world.

Read more about our Guests of Honour on


Registration for Erasmuscon 2024 is now open. The current price for a weekend ticket is 100 euros.

Be warned: the rate will go up on 1 January 2023, so make sure you book before then.

Our registration page is

More information on the Worldcon is at

Organization: Jan

Who will organise Eurocon 2024? We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Jan Scholte considers himself a daily visitor of the amazing universe that can be described as the fantastic genre. From reading Science Fiction books to watching cheesy horror films and from playing fantasy games (board games and card games) to listening to narrative music. He used to visit a lot of conventions in the past, a bit less so in the present. This did result in an ever growing collection of autographs. Every now and then he tries his hand at creating his own worlds through writing, but he has a lot of writing miles still to travel to reach this goal. Jan occasionally has a go at writes articles or interviewing people for NCSF’s society mag HSF.
In real life Jan lives in the far north with his wife and cat. On weekdays he can put all his energy into his work as a court appointed financial guardian.

Organization: Tanja

Who will organise Eurocon 2024? We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Tanja van Oven was raised in a house full of scifi and fantasy books. All those outlandish and fascinating titles drew her into the genre with an irresistible force and somehow that fascination never really went away. SF taught her to look at the world slightly differently and to keep being amazed at how strange reality sometimes is. Some real-world stuff really is a lot stranger than fiction.
She would like to claim to be a regular at scifi conventions, but the truth is different. In actual fact she just doesn’t seem to get around to it much. On the other hand, she has been involved in the organisation of the one and only Dutch Discworld Convention, Cabbagecon, from the very beginning.
Apart from scifi and fantasy she is very interested in nature and landscape, being involved in a volunteer group for landscape and nature conservation (think gardening but on a slightly larger scale) and she loves cycling and hiking in the Netherlands and abroad.
She spends her working days as a project manager at a translation and subtitling agency in Hilversum.

Organization: Paul

Who will organise Eurocon 2024? We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

With his background in business finance and administration it is no wonder that Paul van Oven has been and still is active as a treasurer for multiple organisations. He has been a science fiction fan for as long as he can remember and was part of the club committee of the Dutch Contact Centre for Science Fiction (NCSF) for ten years when that society was first established. In 2008 he returned to the same society. The past few years he has been involved mostly in collaborating on a variety of conventions, among which several Worldcons. He is the driving force behind the Dutch Discworld convention Cabbagecon, and is involved in the preparations for the first Dutch Eurocon in Rotterdam in 2024, in association with the Glasgow Worldcon in the same year.