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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Unearthing the Past

Navigating the Line Between Archaeological Reality and Imagination.

The historical backdrop provides an excellent canvas for storytelling, particularly in mediums such as books, comics, TV series, movies, and art. However, when delving into narratives of the past, the challenge arises: do we adhere strictly to ongoing scientific research, do we rely on our imagination to bridge the gaps, or do we opt for a balanced combination of both? Recreating history is a formidable and responsible task, especially in the absence of ancient texts and substantial evidence. Archaeology, as an interdisciplinary field, offers a valuable method to fill in some of these historical voids.

Yet, amidst the scholarly pursuit of understanding the past, the essential human story often remains obscured. In this enlightening lecture, Alexander van de Bunt will delve into the delicate art of navigating the boundary between historical and archaeological research while preserving the authenticity of one’s creativity, whether as a researcher, writer, or artist. Join us as we explore how to craft compelling narratives that resonate with both the rigor of scholarly inquiry and the boundless realms of imagination.

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