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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Signing sessions

At a signing session, an author will be present in the dealers’ area to sign their books. The dealers’
area management, in consultation with the programme team, will make and publish a schedule for
the signing sessions. This schedule will be published at least at the start of every day. If you are
interested having oone or more signing sessions, please send us an email at
with the following information:
1) your name
2) whether or not you are part of our programme.
The dealers’ area management will then make a schedule, in consultation with the programme team.
Please note that the deadline of sending in your request is the 14th of July. Final schedule will be
available at the end of July.

Authors who have not booked a table at Erasmuscon can bring their own books to the Erasmuscon
tables (next to Fantasize) and give them in consignment, and these books can be sold there during
the whole convention. This enables fans to buy the books they want whenever they wish, without
the need for the author to be present. Authors can collect any unsold books at the end of the
convention or at any time of their choosing before then.

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