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Sandy Butchers

Sandy Butchers is an award-winning author and illustrator best known for her work on The Singularian Grimoire Anthologies. It was the first project in which she combined her skills as an artist with her insatiable urge to tell compelling stories.

Throughout her career, Sandy has written articles for magazines, short fiction in an artist collaboration collective, and full-novel manuscripts that are now represented by Global Lion MGT. But large projects always start small, and Sandy’s break into the international writer’s world was with a tiny 100-word drabble in a Fantasia Divinity anthology.

Today, Sandy works as a freelance cover designer for Urano Publishing USA, and regularly takes on commissions (really, go and check out the Technomancer collaboration with M.K. Gibson!). Apart from that, if she is not working on artwork for clients, you can find her working on her next big project.

The Artwork of Sandy Butchers

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