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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Organization: Jan

Who will organise Eurocon 2024? We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Jan Scholte considers himself a daily visitor of the amazing universe that can be described as the fantastic genre. From reading Science Fiction books to watching cheesy horror films and from playing fantasy games (board games and card games) to listening to narrative music. He used to visit a lot of conventions in the past, a bit less so in the present. This did result in an ever growing collection of autographs. Every now and then he tries his hand at creating his own worlds through writing, but he has a lot of writing miles still to travel to reach this goal. Jan occasionally has a go at writes articles or interviewing people for NCSF’s society mag HSF.
In real life Jan lives in the far north with his wife and cat. On weekdays he can put all his energy into his work as a court appointed financial guardian.

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