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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Kim ten Tusscher

Kim ten Tusscher (1979) started her professional career as a documentary photographer. In all her projects, she looked for similarities between people and tried to invalidate prejudice.

Writing proved a better way to express herself. In her stories, she combines well-written worlds and characters with great emotional depth. She doesn’t avoid intense subjects. Her stories became her window to the real world.

Kim is also an avid reader. Her taste in books ranges from epic stories like the Riyria Chronicles to the more grim A Song of Ice and Fire. Her favorite reads are the stories by Robin Hobb. What these books all have in common are morally grey and thus convincing characters.Kim has written 15 books so far, of which 4 have been translated into English. Since she started writing the Lilith trilogy she is always expanding the world she created. Her books are now brought together under the name the Sagas of the Skinchangers.

During Erasmuscon Kim will be hosting an interactive lecture in which plenty of myths about writing will be busted. Click here for more information.

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