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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Guest of Honor: Iris Compiet

We would like to introduce our fourth guest of honor to you.

Iris Compiet is a traditional artist and Illustrator from the Netherlands. She is the illustrator of The Dark Crystal Bestiary, winner of the 2020 Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist, and a 2020 nominee for the Chesley Award for Best Gaming Related Illustration. She is the illustrator of The Labyrinth Bestiary, and most recently, winner of the 2021 Chesley Award for Best Interior Art for The Dark Crystal. Iris’s work has appeared in numerous publications including Spectrum, Infected by Art, ImagineFX, and 3D Total. Some of her other clients include Wizards of the Coast and Netflix, and her art has appeared in publications around the world. Iris has always known exactly what she wanted to do: paint and illustrate fantastical beings and share them with the world. She draws inspiration from European folklore, mythology, fairy tales, ghost stories, tombstones, Victorian photography, and popular movies, and music. In her recent work Faeries of the Faultlines Iris guides readers through a world of fantastical creatures from beyond the veil.

Visit her on the web at:

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