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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Guest of honor: Andrzej Sapkowski

We would like to introduce our second guest of honor to you.

Andrzej Sapkowski, also known as the “Wizard of the Witcher”, is a Polish author who has captured the hearts and minds of fantasy enthusiasts worldwide. With his intricate world-building, morally ambiguous characters, and a healthy dose of dry humor, Sapkowski has carved out a unique place in the genre.

But don’t let his serious storytelling fool you – Sapkowski is also known for his tongue-in-cheek wit and willingness to poke fun at the tropes of the genre. He’s even been known to make appearances at conventions with swords in his hands.

Whether you’re a fan of his books or the popular video game/streaming adaptations, there’s no denying that Sapkowski is a master of the fantasy genre. So come join us at Eurocon and let’s raise a glass to the man who brought us the unforgettable world of the Witcher. Just try not to get too close to any portals.

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