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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Guest: Marieke Frankema

We would like to introduce our guest Marieke Frankema.

Marieke Frankema is best compared to a spider in a web, weaving all the different aspects of her life together. She writes, sings, acts, dances, teaches, is a voice actor and a mother and wife.

Her passion lies in telling stories, on paper as well as on stage, where she brings characters to life. She is the author of seventeen books, covering the genres fantasy, romance, personal development and children’s books.

Her mission is to bring beauty to the world. The little sparks of magic that can be found in our daily lives, get a spotlight in her work, so that the world becomes just that bit more radiant to everyone enjoying her stories, plays and books.

During Erasmuscon Marieke Frankema will be hosting:

Act the part

A workshop about refining storytelling and character building through theatre.

Stories come in all shapes, sizes and art forms. Whether on stage or on paper, there are structures at the base of every good story. Once you know what they are, you can start playing with them – literally. In this hands-on acting workshop, Marieke Frankema explores the similarities between writing and theatre, uncovering the underlying story structures in a way that’s fresh, clear, and most of all: fun!

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