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Gerald D. Nordley

Gerald Nordley is an astronautical engineer, consultant and writer of science fiction and nonfiction.  He has degrees in physics (Macalester 1969) and systems management (USC, 1981). He is a U. S. Air Force veteran with experience in spacecraft operations, communications spacecraft engineering and procurement, air-ground battle management, and advanced space propulsion research.  He was an investor in two startup Aerospace firms, Tethers Unlimited and XCOR, and is treasurer of two nonprofit corporations, the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society (ERPS) and CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination.  He has served on the boards of both organizations and a term as board chairman of ERPS.  

As a writer, he has a hundred plus publications of short fiction and nonfiction, including several peer-reviewed technical papers in astronautics, lately concentrating on interstellar propulsion by mass beams.  He has also done research in antimatter propulsion and rotating tether propulsion.

As science fiction writer “G. David Nordley” his writing won four “Anlab” readers’ awards and earned nominations for both a Hugo and a Nebula award. His two novels, The Black Hole Project and To Climb a Flat Mountain were published in parts in Analog and more recently as complete works by Brief Candle Press.  He also has five single author collections of short fiction available from Brief Candle in print or ebook format, the latest being Around Alien Stars in 2019.  His stories focus on the human experience in scientifically plausible futures, with many of them in astronomical settings.     Gerald is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, a senior member of AIAA, and a life member of the Air Force Association, the Minnesota Space Frontier Society, the USC Alumni Association, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He is married to a retired Apple computer programmer, has three adult children and one grandchild.  He lives in Sunnyvale, CA.
LinkedIn: Gerald “G. David” Nordley

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