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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

George van Hal

George van Hal, science reporter covering astrophysics, physics, and space for Dutch national newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’ will come to Erasmuscon! George has published 7 popular science books about everything from theoretical physics to the weirdest constituents of the cosmos. Two of those (Van lightsaber tot tijdmachine, 2023 and Robots, aliens and popcorn, 2015) cover the real science behind science fiction stories.

Before working for ‘de Volkskrant’, George spent 8 years as an editor with the Dutch edition of New Scientist magazine.

Apart from writing about science, he also reviews science fiction and fantasy for the paper, and is currently working on short science fiction stories for a major Dutch publisher of genre fiction. That collection will be his fiction debut.

Photo credits: Mats van Soolingen

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