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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 16-19, 2024

Francesco Verso

Francesco Verso (Bologna, 1973) is a multiple-award Science Fiction writer and editor (3 Europe Awards, 2 Urania Awards, 2 Italy Awards, 1 Golden Dragon Award and 1 Galaxy Award).

He has published: Antidoti umanie-DollNexhumanBloodbusters, Zendroide, Futurespotting and The Roamers (made of The Pulldogs and No/Mad/Land). Nexhuman and Bloodbusters have been published in the UK and in China. The Roamers has been published by Flame Tree Press in May 2023 and it will be out in France in 2025.

A promoter of World SF and solarpunk, he also works as editor and publisher of Future Fiction, a multicultural project dedicated to scouting and publishing the best SF in translation from more than 40 countries and 14 languages. From 2019 he’s the Honorary Director of the Fishing Fortress Science Fiction Academy of Chongqing.

He may be found at:

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